Who would have known that a simple dream to gather fans together and celebrate the fandoms they cherish the most would grow to become one of Cebu's largest and most anticipated cosplay and hobby conventions?

Otakufest humbly began as UP Otakufest -- a passion project created by geeks, for the geeks.

Since its conceptualization in 2007, Otakufest has gone on to play a significant role in promoting the cosplay and hobby culture to the Cebuano community.

As we showcased a variety of attractions through the years while housing a diverse fan-driven entertainment for all, the Otakufest community has grown from a modest number of only 300 attendees during its first season, to over 5,000 loyal fans during​ ​our​ ​latest​ ​season​ ​in​ ​2017.

Otakufest is now one of the highly attended hobby conventions in Cebu. Held every February, it serves as Cebu’s opening salvo for similar events. 


Connecting the world one hobby at a time.

Accommodating the desires of otakus, or people who are interested in  certain hobbies, has always been at the core of Otakufest's brand promise.

From simply being a cosplay event at the start of its run, Otakufest has improved through the years to introduce as much variety as possible to the Cebuanos.

Otakufest is committed to providing a safe haven for geeks to appreciate a myriad of cultures, and giving them a chance to share more about their own world with people from all walks of life.

Welcome home, fellow otaku.